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Should You Invite Social Media To Your Wedding?


If  your answer is Yes…. your next question should be…

Do you need to take control of any social media associated with your wedding?

We think a definite YES! It is up to you to control it for the build up right up to the day and the day after your wedding.

Engagement – Congrats on your engagement! First photo’s will be of you as a couple and of course of ‘The Ring’! So how do you let the world know?

Well if you are a frequent social media user, you will, no doubt want to make a splash! If you are lucky enough to set up your engagement shoot straight away, you then have the images to share (where you are of course looking your best and with the best photo’s of your ring!)


Hen & Stag Party – This is where you are dipping in to more dangerous territory with the addition of alcohol so you need to be clear on what get’s ‘out there’!

Possibly the best idea is that there should be an embargo on photo’s after a certain time of the night and ensure that your Facebook is set to allow you to ‘approve’ any photo’s that you are tagged on before they appear on your timeline…

You need to feel you can relax and let your hair down without the threat of pictures appearing the next day that may show your ‘enthusiasm‘ for your night out a little too explicitly.

Wedding Day – It is lovely to have a photo journey log of your day and again, here you can take control. Create your #Hashtag and ask your friends and family to use it for the build up and on the day. This will make it easier for your to track your day after the event so you not only have your professional photo’s which are wonderful, but you get ‘real’ photo’s and a vision on how your day really is. #lovestory #hashtagyourwedding

Don’t get too caught up on it during the day. Ensure it is your guests are the ones working for your by taking the snaps for you to enjoy in your own time over the next few days. If this works well, it will eliminate the need for photo-booths or photographers at the reception.


Social Media can be a wonderful free assistant for your wedding but must be managed and planned in advance to ensure it works to it full potential on the day.

The most important thing is that NOONE posts a photo of the dress or the bride BEFORE she walks down the aisle to the groom… it may seem obvious but it has happened!


Annette x



Bridal Hair Trends For 2016


What way should I wear my hair for my Wedding? Should I wear it up or down? Should I wear a veil or a birdcage? Should I wear a crystal headpiece or fresh flowers? What are my options? These are the issues facing a bride for her wedding day.

Firstly, your hair will depend on three important things:

  1. Your Dress – Your Dress style will determine the style of your hair, accessories and everything else about your wedding, including bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, wedding venue dressing and flowers. Also the neckline of your dress will help guide you as to if you wish to wear your hair up or down or even…. Half Up/Half Down!
  2. Your Personal Style – What would you describe your style as? Would a relaxed and soft style suit you better or something more formal or sleek?
  3. Your Hair – Is your hair short, mid length or long? Are you putting extensions in? Is your hair fine or thick?

The most important thing is to consult with your stylist in advance of your day. Show them images of your dress or at least the neckline if your wish to keep it top secret…

Linda of Fenn’s Hair Design, Cork advises a bride to Have a hair trial, or several if you need and make sure to photograph the one you are happiest with so you can match it perfectly on your wedding day.

Bring your accessories with you so your stylist can fit them in your hair as per your own vision for your day.

Every bride has a vision on how they want to look… Don’t compromise, speak up and make sure you are happy. This will be the most important hair moment of your life… EVER!….

I have included some of my favourite hair inspiration photos from Pinterest and Azure Jewellery, Cork.

Dream Big Ladies…


Wedding Shoes – Cute or Comfy?

Or can they possibly be both?…


Shoe from Manolo Blahnik

When choosing your dream wedding shoes, there are lots of things your need to consider aside from just how fabulous they are. You will be wearing these shoes all day. You will need to walk down the aisle, stand for lots of photographs, circulate to meet all your guests and dance the night away. Can you do this in heels? Just how high a heel can you do this in? Well now you have your starting point!

Award-winning shoe designer Rachel Simpson says “Choose shoes that make you feel amazing! Even if your dress is floor length, giving your guests the occasional peek of an exquisite pair of shoes will make you feel like a true princess! Wedding shoes don’t have to be boring – combine classic style with fashionable detailing and you’ll love them for years.”

Choosing a Bridal Wedding shoe designer is always a great place to start. They know the requirements of any bride for their shoes, designing comfort and style in one.

Mischka Badgley

Shoe from Mischka Badgley

You have to love your shoes! They will be photographed with your dress just before you put them all on and at a minimum the toe of your shoe will show in each step you take even if you are wearing a full length gown.

You should plan to wear your shoes all day! There is no point in paying to have your gown altered based on the height of the shoes you wear, if you end up kicking them off or switching for a flat pair later in the day and then your gown is too long again. Choose a pair that you believe you will wear all day.


Shoes from Rainbow Club

You must be comfortable as well as fabulous! The technology in good Bridal Shoe designs now is amazing. You can get padded insoles and skin-fit technology which is the softest inside of any shoe possible and make them fit like cushions. This is what you want on your big day!

Look After your feet! Make sure to get a pedicure and some foot pampering in advance of your wedding. They will look their best for both your big day and of course be picture perfect for your honeymoon.

Make sure to practice wearing your wedding shoes for the weeks coming up to your Wedding day. You need to be really used to wearing them to be sure for comfort on the day.

To some, shoes are a passion and choosing your bridal shoe should always be a careful choice as ill-fitting shoes can spoil your day or ensure you have a an amazing day! Choose carefully….

elspeth from Rainbow Club

Shoes From Rainbow Club

Dream Big Ladies!!!

By Annette Enright…



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