What way should I wear my hair for my Wedding? Should I wear it up or down? Should I wear a veil or a birdcage? Should I wear a crystal headpiece or fresh flowers? What are my options? These are the issues facing a bride for her wedding day.

Firstly, your hair will depend on three important things:

  1. Your Dress – Your Dress style will determine the style of your hair, accessories and everything else about your wedding, including bridesmaids, groom and groomsmen, wedding venue dressing and flowers. Also the neckline of your dress will help guide you as to if you wish to wear your hair up or down or even…. Half Up/Half Down!
  2. Your Personal Style – What would you describe your style as? Would a relaxed and soft style suit you better or something more formal or sleek?
  3. Your Hair – Is your hair short, mid length or long? Are you putting extensions in? Is your hair fine or thick?

The most important thing is to consult with your stylist in advance of your day. Show them images of your dress or at least the neckline if your wish to keep it top secret…

Linda of Fenn’s Hair Design, Cork advises a bride to Have a hair trial, or several if you need and make sure to photograph the one you are happiest with so you can match it perfectly on your wedding day.

Bring your accessories with you so your stylist can fit them in your hair as per your own vision for your day.

Every bride has a vision on how they want to look… Don’t compromise, speak up and make sure you are happy. This will be the most important hair moment of your life… EVER!….

I have included some of my favouriteĀ hair inspiration photos from Pinterest and Azure Jewellery, Cork.

Dream Big Ladies…