Finding the perfect gown is such an important part of your wedding planning experience and as the adage goes  if you fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Firstly do your research on the style of dresses you love, the shapes of dresses that suit best your body shape and finally the bridal boutiques that stock those styles of gowns.

Make sure you take only 1-2 people who know your style and who’s opinion you value with you to your appointment. You can bring back the entourage to a ‘reveal the dress’ visit when you go in to do your final measurements. This will eliminate any strong personalities from influencing your choice and ensuring you choose the dress that you feel most special in… as well as looking fabulous in of course!

Do not visit too many boutiques. You will try on an average of 10 dresses in each shop, so 2-3 boutiques is loads. Again, do your research to see who has a good on-line presence. A good boutique invests in their on-line presence and is very active on social media.

Be honest with your consultant. Their job is to help you choose the perfect dress but if you believe you may have already found ‘the one’, say that at the beginning of the consultation, so she has a clear idea of the dress she needs to beat. Also, be very clear about your budget. Identify your preferred spend as well as your maximum spend so the consultant will only bring dresses within your range to you. There is nothing worse that falling in love with a gown that is way outside your budget.

Finally enjoy the experience and your ‘Say Yes To The Dress’ moment. This will be probably the most expensive gown that you will buy in your whole life so you need to enjoy that. You will find, it is a wonderful relief to have chosen your dress as this will determine the whole theme of your wedding. There is very little detail that you can choose before your choose your dress.

Remember firstly you must feel fabulous and secondly look fabulous!

Dream Big Ladies…